Tuesday, 3 April 2012

ANATHEMA. The Otolith Group

On April the 2nd at 7pm No.w.here is happy to announce the London premiere screening of Anathema (2011) 36mins HD Video /Colour/ Sound, followed by a Q and A with the artists Kodwo Eshun and Anjali Sagar.
ANATHEMA reimagines the microscopic behaviour of liquid crystals undergoing turbulence as a sentient entity that possesses the fingertips and the eyes enthralled by the LCD touch-screens of communicative capitalism. ANATHEMA can be understood as an object-oriented video that isolates and recombines the magical gestures of dream factory capitalism. By bringing the telecommunicating couplings of mother-father-daughter-son-machines and boyfriend-girlfriend-units into contact with the conductive imagery of liquid crystallization, ANATHEMA proposes itself as a prototype for a counter-spell assembled from the possible worlds of capitalist sorcery.

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