Friday, 29 June 2012


There are at least two documentaries produced in relation to Chto Delat? 2010 exhibition at ICA in London. The one shot by the Russian collective offers a great alternative to the exhibiton documentaries. Would you like to perform the history dance? could easily stand on its own and be read as a seperate piece of work. On the other hand, the documentary produced by the Russian BBC seem to deliver a rather biased translation to its audience (unfortunately English translation is not available). On the 18th of April 2012, this time in UK, BBC produced another short "documentary" on Pussy Riot performance in Moscow's main cathedral. The same day Chto Delat? published the following note on Twitter: "BBC reporter repeats fallacy that Pussy Riot's "punk prayer" was "laced with obscenities." It wasn't."

Would you like to perform the history dance?
audio guide for the Chto Delat? exhibition at ICA London

Russian punk band Pussy Riot to appear in court over church gig - BBC News

Dmitry Vilensky on Would you like to perform the history dance?

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