Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Cinematography and the Artist’s film: A practical workshop

‘This workshop was very professionally delivered, and the timings and technical support available throughout was very good. Tim’s extensive knowledge and his ability to welcome and answer questions was great. Compared to other workshops, this one was much more informative and extensive. It has enabled me to be more confident with film, both digital and analogue, and it was good to actually get to use all the cameras…’ Feedback from workshop participant 2011. is pleased to announce a practical workshop for emerging artists, filmmakers, cinematographers, and experienced practitioners interested in exploring the range of image capture formats currently available including standard and super 16mm, RED camera, and Canon 7D digital SLR.  The workshop explores the theoretical, practical and technical elements of cinematography – focusing on the strengths and weaknesses of each format, it will help artists and filmmakers make informed decisions around which to use in their work.
The workshop takes place on the 21st, 23rd and 24th June and the 5th July at and the Aubin Cinema, and is sponsored by Fuji, Deluxe Soho, Four Corners, DeJonghe Film Postproduction.
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To book please call James  on 0207 729 4494 or email:

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