Thursday, 26 July 2012

At least two ways to experience Tower of Hamlets

What to some could have looked like a slighlty late celebraton of the Holi spring festival was in fact a walk led by the artist Ruth Proctor. Organized as a part of Whitechapel's London Open, her performance If the sky falls... explored back streets of the art gallery. Who could have resisted this  attractive neon, but non-toxic blue? A true delight to every flâneur.

Though less visible, but equally welcoming (attracted one anonymus passer-by wearing pink t-shirt), Karen Mirza's Aesthetics of Resistance walk offered another understanding of marking and unfolding Tower of Hamlets. Borrowing its title from Peter Weiss's novel and revealing the historie(s) of few places and people from the area, the walk, like the novel itself, suggested that meaning lies in embracing resistance, no matter how intense the oppression, and that we should rather look to art for new models of political action and social understanding.

Pictures by Piotr

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