Tuesday, 3 July 2012

How to set up an artists' co-operative?

Ever since Calverts Co-operative: Design and Print was founded in 1977, it has managed to remain a very succesful co-operative. The firm’s assets are owned in common by the workforce, who are paid equally. All members participate in strategic management, and profits are reinvested in the co-operative or used for community aims. Following the example of Calverts, how can we think of setting up an artists' co-operative? Sion Whellens, a member of Calverts, is offering us an answer. 

Read more about Calverts. 
Sion's blog. 

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Grace said...

Here is the link for the comparitive study of artists run spaces and attitudes to practice:


The radical Routes, website and available publications on how to set up co-operatives:


And another link with information about creative co-operatives:


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