Sunday, 8 July 2012


Source: YouTube. Thomas Hirschhorn, the Museum's 2011-2012 Sarah Elson, Class of 1984, International Artist in Residence.

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Piotr Krzymowski said...

In the Hirschhorn presentation from YouTube the following questions appeared:

Q: When is the excess of material a critique and when is it a redoubling, a confirmation of the excess?

Thomas Hirschhorn: It's never too much. This is really the point. I don't say that for the viewer I can control this. I can't put myself in the mind of the viewer and say: Now it's enough. This is to say "I have control". I don't want to have a control. It's never a confirmation of the society we are leaving in, becouse it is not made with the real to confirm it.

Q: OK.

TH: The problem is. When I should say "Now is enough". It's like someone decoratinga house. One chair too much. It's never a confirmation. I can not make this depending on my aesthetical judgement. I can only base it on my will.

Q: You don't want a moment of control and distance. It's difficult to think about your work sometimes. You take terms like aesthetic, evaluation, judgement and you want to refunction them. A we listen to you we have our own assoctiations, we go with you as your redirect them. Your project seems to repurpose terms, thats where the confusion lies.

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