Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Sex for sale - few facts on sex workers in Britain

Clamp down or liberalise? Since the beginning of time societies have been struggling with a definite answer that would help regulate sex work. As a result, it has gone through numerous reinventions, but none has changed the sense of it in any meaningful way. After yesterday's workshop with Camille Barbagallo one thing particularly struck the attention - paying for sex in the UK is not a crime, nor is selling sex, but various laws around the act make it difficult for prostitutes to operate safely. Soliciting sex on the street, distributing leaflets in phone booths, spending money earned from sex work, hiring a guard, keeping a brothel, where more than one person is selling sex, is illegal. In my quick research on the problem I came across Sophie Morris's article in The Independent from 2008. Click here

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