Saturday, 4 August 2012

When the screen goes up...

After six weeks of great events of Lecture from behind the screen, the project has sadly come to an end. This blog has responded directly from the space of display; the writing was mobile, immediate, and often written in parallel with lectures, workshops, field trips, performances and panel discussions. At times archiving, documenting and in some cases expressing direct criticism, the blog became a survey of diverse comments, ideas and responses that came not only from Lecture from behind the screen participants, but also from the guest lecturers, artists and blog followers. This close proximity to the subject matter has produced a type of writing and reportage noticeably different in tone and texture from criticism that acquires distance afforded by time. This is to say that writings were reactionary as opposed to reflective. Though the "live" element of this blog has now ceased, it will continue to stay online both as the legacy document of the Lecture from behind the screen as well as a platform for archiving and reviewing future events and projects organized by  
From this place I would like to thank Karen, Maxa, Brad and James for giving me this amazing opportunity to participate in and observe Lecture from behind the screen. I would also like to thank for all your comments and posts. X

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