Sunday, 21 October 2012

Last night in Tate Tanks: Filmaktion

Strict, mechanical repetition of some of the films and performances in Filmaktion in Tate Tanks brings to mind Peter Roehr's quote - "What interests me is not the literary content of the scenes, but but the flow of movements which-when starting again at the same point where they had ended-create a movement structure" (1965). Few images from last night!

Malcolm Le Grice, Threshold, 1972 

 Malcolm Le Grice, Horror film 1, 1971

 William RabanDuchamp’s Dissent, 2012

William Raban, Wave Formations, 1976 

 William Raban, Take Measure, 1973

 William Raban, Surface Tension, 1974-6

Malcolm Le Grice with Keith Rowe, After Leonardo, 1973 

Malcolm Le Grice with Keith Rowe, After Leonardo, 1973 

Gill Eatherley, Sicherheits, 1973

Gill Eatherley, Hand Grenade, 1971

Gill Eatherley, Chair Film, 1971

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