Friday, 8 March 2013

Tomorrow: spring sale!

For one day,'s lab space will be transformed into a marketplace ripe with cinematic inspiration. Items include thousands of feet of out of date and unused still and motion picture film, platters of found footage from's infamous trim bin... projectors of all gauges in need of domestic re-wiring and love lavished on them, potential DIY telecine candidates, 16mm cameras, antique audio equipment and much, much, more in between. 

All sold as seen!! 

There will also be a bring and buy stall for members to sell unwanted equipment on a commission basis. Proceeds from the day will help go towards the day to day running of and the maintenance, upkeep and investment in equipment and resources. 

We will also be selling’s Sequence 2 and 3 publications on the day at the special rate of £5 (usual price £8) as well as canvas bags, and other publications. 

It will also be an opportunity to come and find out more about’s summer school 2013: Forcible Frames, and an opportunity to see's 16mm loopers in action... 

If you are a current member and are interested in selling any unwanted equipment please contact James at 

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