Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Summer School 2012 reunion

So nice to see Maxa Zoller and a lot of new faces at no.w.here last Friday. Films by last year Lecture from behind the screen participants Mei Homma, Ruth Proctor, Andrey Shental, Ariane Monier, Matthias Kispert, Louise Colbourne and myself made me feel like we never left the Summer School. To read about this year's Summer School programme Forcible Frames, pleae click hereA record of the last Summer School can be found on this blog by looking at past posts in 2012 for June,  July and August. 

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Anonymous said...

Hello old and future summer school participants. Maxa Zoller was also very excited to be part of the summer school screening. Ach if only I could take you all to Cairo. But rest assured I am plotting for a no.w.here summer school in winter...
Sending you Egyptian sun rays and lots of inspiration-Mx

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