Monday, 24 June 2013


The summer school started today with a morning and afternoon workshop with Brad Butler. 
Introduction games - Chairs of Power -Finished with a screening of Kino Beleske (Film Notes) 

Introducing a Group 

1. Split the newly arrived group off into pairs.

2. The pair should leave the building to speak about their art practice for fifteen minute. 

3. During the fifteen minute the other person should remain silent and listen.

4. Exchange roles.

5. Return to the building, re gather into the original group

6. Each pair should represent what they have learnt about their partner for two minutes to the initial group, speaking in first person, using their name as if they have become there partner. 

Gillian Wearing / 2 into 1 (1997)

‪I have included this video as the session brought up ideas around representation and the way in which there can be a dislocation between how we see ourselves and how we are seen. 
Since the exercise we did with Brad was done with complete strangers the dynamics between two people who had never met led to considered accounts, where each person attempted to summarise their fifteen minute encounter both correctly (factually) and in a way which would do their partner justice.
This contrasts with 2 into 1 which has been made with family members who know one another quite intimately, they are much more willing to talk about the negative side of a person, particularly since the other is not present and the audience is a camera.

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