Thursday, 27 June 2013

References - 16mm Kodak Aerochrome Film

The Enclave, production still, Trevor Tweeten (cinematographer) shooting Arriflex 16mm camera mounted on Steadicam in South Masisi, Nov 2012.

We have been looking at different types of film stock whilst in the lab and someone mentioned Infared Film. Above is an example of a recent film shot on Kodak Aerochrome 16mm film by Richard Mosse. The film was discontinued by Kodak in 2007 and was originally designed in the 1940's for the US military as an attempt to identify potential enemies which were invisible to the naked eye. The Infared film is sensitive to Chlorophyl within plants creating an extreme red/pink effect.

Richard Mosse: talking about his recent film 'The Enclave' (2012) here 

Book Reference: War and Cinema: The Logistics of Perception (Radical Thinkers 4) by Paul Virilio (2009)

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dean bennici said...

aynone interested in more of this 16mm infrared film stock or in medium format, please contact me. i am richard mosses supplier and have a bit of stock left.

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