Friday, 19 July 2013

Leah Borromeo and interactive docs

Leah Borromeo revealed new possibilities with interactive documentary formats, which allow the viewer increased and active interaction and decision-making in relation to the information that is being presented in an online documentary.

Traditional Linear Structure: A - B

Interactive docs move away from a traditional linear narrative style and instead inhabit a series of alternative narrative structures, which allow for greater user interaction through an expansion and linking of information, which may be related to the original topic.

The documentary could take the form of a video which remaining in its original frame is attached to other videos, through arrows, text or image. The user then has control over what direction the documentary can go.

Depending upon the chosen narrative structure, the documentary can move as far away (links take the user off on a tangent, often chosen through potential interest in a certain topic) or closely related to the original topic.

With a narrative structure like a ‘Branching’ narrative a set of decisions can be made by the user, which determine a wide range of potential outcomes. For a full description about each narrative structure visit :

Branching narrative example 

Introduction was followed by the opportunity to experiment with an interactive documentary of our own in groups over an hour. 

A few stills from an interactive documentary about self service machines, theft and unemployment...
The initial research was is yet to be put together  

Diagrams taken from: 

Good list and intro:


Klynt: < show demo of mechanics
Examples: < show demo
Steve McCurry
Play around with:

Script that's being used:
Popcorn Maker:

Leah Borromeo 

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