Wednesday, 16 July 2014


A beautiful camera that i eagerly anticipated to use. This camera can be quite an intimating machine and i was it was quite a daunting experience to load the film into the Bolex. However with some assistance and guidance from the team i got there. I was ready to go and film!

I had a slightly questionable light measure reader that i had just acquired in a charity shop, and this caused a lot of problems while wondering around the mixed ponds in Hampstead health. To add to this the Bolex is a heavy camera and i would definitely take this into consideration next time i decide to go off for a long walk! That said, once i had everything in check i started to really enjoyed the process of filming.

The aim of the day was to have fun with camera and to understand the standard mechanics of the Bolex. When filming there are several important points that i kept a look out for, such as the frame rate. Also important to note which happened to me more than once, you must remember to keep winding the camera up, otherwise you will find your filming cut short.

I found the below link helpful with general accepts of the Bolex-

Image by James Holcombe

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