Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Six Characters In Search of an Author by Luigi Pirandello as interpreted by the Summer School Participants

Six Characters In Search of an Author by Luigi Pirandello as interpreted by the Summer School Participants working with instructions set by the artist Cally Spooner.

Instructions set by Cally and Ed to group A
Group A interpret the play and translate it for group B
Group B perform the interpretation for Group A

Member of Group A writes the following:

A performance written.

Okay, so this is our material.

These are our instructions.

And this line says your 'on stage'.

So...what have the other group been doing all morning?

Well, I guess they have been meticulously preparing this bit of script for us, really taking it seriously you know?

Well! They definitely got the good end of the stick didn't they?

It shouldn't be a fully prepared and planned play, but a play that 'happens'

A play that simply happens?

So maybe that means we improvise, we just kindof go for it.

Hey but what about the characters?

'Some of the characters will be played by the same person.'

Benito! Why are you running around? Calm down.

You should definitely be the director!

'A tree, a butterfly, a woman' – I am not reading that one!

What about this part, what about if we say this part in unison, stairing at a member of the audience. What about we turn this on its head, make them feel concious, afterall they really deserve it!

Yes yes, stare at someone while saying 'and then she took off her braisserie.'

What about if we sit and have this conversation in front of them?

Don't be defeatist!

I'm not!

I'm sure we have parts that we can play naturally, ones that we have to play everyday, like at work, do you have one?

Of course.

What did Satre call it, 'In bad Faith'

'Would you like any desert with that?' (Cheri smiles falsely)

Benito: To make a movie all you need is a gun and a woman

The camera is like a gun!

A feminist once said that.

How shall we begin.

Laura walks to the other side of the room, 'This is where the audience comes in'

Yes Laura, do that! Do exactly that.

If we make one promise it has to be that, we start the play like that.

Adam, are you okay?

I'm fine.

I don't like this game.

Okay, lets share the texts out, everyone take two parts.

Did you just?

Did you just?

Did you just throw your texts out of the window?

Yes, I did.


Yes, yes I did, this is not how I live my life.

Benito didn't I tell you were meant to be the director!

The audience are there but the group are not paying any attention

Two cast members are lying on the floor talking about canals and ice rinks.

You want me to SING?

No no no. Stay.

Gabriel is eating his lines.

Cheri reads something about being a butterfly and a woman.

Don't you remember the part where I said we should all speak in unison and stare at a member of the audience.

Joel, Amy and Cheri sit together in a huddle.
Joel: What was the line again?

Cheri: 'Slowly she takes off her braisserie'

In unison 'Slowly she takes off her braisserie.

Benito is running around,

Laura is seated.

Adam is seated.

Gabriel is going bonkers.

Cheri and Adam have a moment.

Are you okay?

Have I upset you?

Did you really through your lines out the window?

No, they are here.

Oh just say it.

No you say it.

No you say it.

Someone say it.

Say it.

Lets say it together.

(What you didn't know, is that the group have a safe word, a get out of jail card, one word to put an end to all this)

Someone in the audience starts clapping

Don't let him finish us!


'despise him, despise me'

'despise him, despise me'

'despise him, despise me'

despise him, despise me'

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