Thursday, 12 July 2012

can, can't and other options

In his Exhaustion and exuberance, Ways to defy pressure to perform Jan Verwoert writes about high-performers in creative industries and ways to defy their pressure to perform. He invesitgates modes of saying 'I Can't', to say stop, no more, but in a manner where it is still possible to 'Care'. Verwoert draws parallels to the punk movement, and its resistance against music industry standards. He writes that this resistance "resulted in the transgression  of personal capacity by rigorously embracing personal incapacity, rising above demand by frustrating all expectations". Can we then imagine a form of agency that consists in producing an ongoing series of moments of interruption and awareness? Perhaps Július Koller’s Anti-Happenings, which consisted, for instance, in repainting the tramlines of a tennis court with a chalk-dispensing cart, or in staging a table tennis match in a gallery as a social model of direct intersubjective exchange, could inspire to think of possible answers. 

Image: Time/space Definition of the Psychophysical Activity of Matter 1, 2 (Anti-Happening) (Július Koller, 1968)
Jan Verwoert Exhaustion and Exuberance

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