Wednesday, 11 July 2012


How to represent at times when the state of image seems to be in constant flux? has been one of these burning, challenging, very often unaswerable and at times even embarassing questions that kept persistently coming back at the events of Lecture from behind the screen. Whilst some found optimistic answers in new liberalism or suggested looking at abstract biopolitics violating our corpses, others sticked to the digital and to the creating images from the invisible forces. There were also some who recommended listening to jazz daily. Others simply watch films like the ones of Alia Syed. Though her works won't offer us an immediate answer, they may inspire and point towards some interesting solutions. 

The screening of Unfolding (1988), A Story Told (2005), Watershed (1994), Fatima’s Letter (1992), Eating Grass (2003) and Priya (2012) was followed by a dialogue between the artist and curator Maxa Zoller. The conversation touched upon specific issues regarding Islamic culture, Sufism and Laura U.Marks' concept of enfolding/unfolding.

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