Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Alternative to what?

In the last decade we have seen countless DIY schools, free to attend lecture programmes as well as night and weekend courses that sprung up internationally. Lecture from behind the screen a.k.a. Summer School run by no.w.here for six weeks last summer could serve as a great example here. Can we think of these initiatives as alternatives? If so, what are they alternatives to? Commodified, restricted, industrialised academies and institutions? Escalating tuition fees and corresponding student's debts? Or perhaps the lack of modes of education in a given region?

I will have a chance to talk to some of the participants of no.w.here's Summer School about their impressions as well as current practice soon. The conversations will be published on the blog and I believe those of you, who are interested in participating in the programme this year may find them useful. Before that though I recommend listening to the recording of Tate's symposium Alternative to what? reflecting on the goals as well as challenges of those self initiated alternatives.

Link: http://www.tate.org.uk/context-comment/audio/alternative-what-part-1


Image: 1948 Buckminster Fuller Architecture Class. The Venetian Blind Dome.

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